Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DE Wips

Lot of WiP pics here...

First off with the Spearmen

There are 2 different units and each unit is comprised of different components. Unit A is comprised of Grave Guard legs + DE torsos and Unit B is comprised of Corsair Bodies + Spears. Both units will get shields. Neither unit is glued to the base (just pinned atm) so some of the models are a touch out of position. Both units still need some GS work / unit filler work.

Next is a WiP shot of the bases I will be using for my first unit of Dark Riders. The plan is to have the Driders hanging onto the Stalagmites and crawling on, over and around them.

Last, but not least, are the beginning WiPs of the work I am doing on the spiders. Just working on the lower body sections atm - adding a carapace type shell and rounding out what was a flat bottom. Any constructive criticism is welcome here as sculpting is still a weak link for me.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Small update for early October...

I will post more pics of assembled models soonish...

So I whipped out my RBT in a 3 color minimum. This model has a lot of paint work left to be done and is currently only flat colors. It does give me a chance to decide on my scheme and a chance to show off one of the basing materials I will be using for this project.

Assembly Started

This assembly happened back in August but I'm just now getting around to updating my blog here. Nothing new to see if you are also watching my PLOG over on TWF.

Some Units Based & assembled. Still need to GS some gaps and I may remove the circles on the feet of the Cold One Knight Lizards (undecided atm). Every fig is simply pinned to the base and will be removed so the figs & bases can be painted separately.

The basing material is a stuff called Durhams Water Putty which costs about $8 a can US and I got it at Menards. Mix the stuff up with water and poured it in a cookie sheet. (**Use an old one or you might get smacked!) I waited 24 hours and the stuff was still moist in the middle so I put it in the garage and forgot it for a week. When I checked back later, the stuff was rock hard.

I have some snippers from Sears that will cut anything and I use those to cut it into roughly base sized shapes. I then hack at it with clippers, pliers and then exacto knives. The stuff glues well to plastic, but it does not glue well to itself. I had to insert a pin in the sorc base between the two layers to give the glue something to grab onto.