Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rule of the Day - Read the FAQS


Simple Rule of the day for the moment, I'm drafting a list for the next one about reforming. May hit the shelves later today still.

Before answering any rules questions, or 'knowing' the rules answer - Read the latest GW FAQ or wear your face-egg proudly!

I personally got recently 'bitten' by this where I made a devils advocate argument against a ruling. A quick read of the FAQ (mentioned by another person) immediately squashed my 'jukey' argument.

If you are playing in a tourney, have them on hand if you are going to argue that position.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Rule of the Day - Buildings (Garrison & Assault)

Rule of the Day 04/25/2011
Hi all - hope everyone enjoyed the holiday. I ate lots and enjoyed a rainy weekend at home.

All of the detailed rules about who can Garrison or Assault buildings though are found elsewhere in the book. Sadly, these weren't gathered in any singular place in the BRB so my hope is to gather them all here to help give us a fighting chance. This was suggested by Aussie over @ IWFB.

Garrisoning Buildings (pg 126 to start)

The following unit types can garrison buildings;
Note - Only 1 unit can ever garrison a single building at a time.
Monstrous Infantry
War Beasts
Monstrous Beasts
War Machines can also be deployed in buildings but they can never move except to pivot on the spot. (pg 109)

Assaulting Buildings

Notes - only a single unit may assault a building.
I'm finding it very interesting that it never states which units can, or can't assault a building in the building rules. The rules simply state "The only way to take an occupied building is by the bloody tactic of storming in with one of your units.". (other rules further qualify some units as being able to assault {or not assault} buildings.)

The following units may assault buildings but will only drive a unit out, they can never occupy the building themselves.
Cavalry -(pg. 83)
Monstrous Cavalry -(pg 83) *they follow the same rules as cav
Monsters - (pg 85)

It's worth noting then that the only units who may not assault buildings are Chariots.

Unique units aren't covered here at all as I don't have each of the books handy to go through, this would be a good one for a later date.

Hope this helps you get your building on!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Off til Monday

Due to traveling, Easter Egg Hunts, Family time and general laziness I am gonna take a bit of a break.

No worries - I will be back on Monday and hope to tackle some seriously meaty rule issues.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rule of the Day - Inspiring Presence


Another crazy busy day.. This rule of the day comes to you from a random opening of the book and was the first rule I saw.

pg 107
Providing that the General is not fleeing, all friendly units within 12" use his Leadership instead of their own. Remember that a General with the Large Target rule (or who is riding a Large Target) has his Inspiring Presence range increased to 18".

Nice trade-off for having a cannon target all over your back. :-)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rule of the Day - Ranking Skirmishers

Rule of the day 04/20/2011

Today's rule of the day comes from @amysrevenge via Twitter!

pg 77
If skirmishers declare a charge (or a charge reaction that does not involve fleeing) they immediately tighten their loose formation into a 'normal' formation before the charge distance is rolled. This happens 'for free' at the moment the unit declares the charge or is called upon to make a charge reaction. The unit immediately forms up in base contact around the center-most model in the front rank - if the front rank has an even number of models, and therefore two center-most models, the Skirmishers' controlling player can choose which of the two models the unit will form up around.

Big change from 6th / 7th edition. Skirmishers 'rank up' the second they Declare a charge or React (except flee) from a charge.

The only real tactical use I can see is that having an even number of models in the front rank gives you roughly the ability to shift favorably 1/2" to the left or right. Might be enough to cause / avoid a favorable overrun.

Note - Skirmishers NEVER get a rank bonus or can be steadfast. (pg 77)
Skirmishers ARE stubborn if the MAJORITY of its models are in a forest. (pg 119)

Note from @amysrevenge - Because they rank up before distances are rolled, the act of a skirmishing unit ranking up could potentially result in you failing a charge. Be mindful of how skirmishers will 'condense' before declaring that charge.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rule of the Day - Bound Spells

Rule of the Day 04/19/2011

This rule of the day comes from none other than THE PAUL VINTON of finer central IL.

pg. 37

Casting Bound Spells
A bound spell is cast just like an ordinary spell using dice from the power pool (the model may do so even if it is not a wizard). The required casting value is equal to the bond spell's power level. Note that bound spells never benefit from any casting modifiers that the user might have (Wizard Level, magic items, etc..). On the other hand, failing to cast a bound spell does not break a wizard's concentration, as using an item that contains a bound spell normally would not require anything more complex than uttering a single word of activation. (Anal'nathrak)

Other points of note from the rulebook (pg 37 still)
- Bound spells are always an unboosted version (if applicable)
- Bound spells can be dispelled like any other spells
- Bound Spells can be cast with Irresistible Force but never miscast.
*If the Bound Spell is contained with a magic item of some kind, the item crumbles to dust and cannot be used again during the game. Do not roll on the miscast table.
*If the bound spell is an innate ability - then the model simply cannot cast further bound spells during this phase. Do not roll on the miscast table.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Rule of the Day - Command Group Removal

This rule of the day comes from Erik Lindley over at the Brohammer Podcast.

Rule of the Day - 04/18/2011

In previous editions you could remove command models as you saw fit. 8th edition spells it out explicitly.

pg 93
Unless a champion is slain by a direct attack, then he must be the last rank and file model to be removed as a casualty.

pg 94 - under Last Stand
The only time a standard bearer can be removed as a casualty before the musician and other rank-and-file models is if the unit breaks from combat.

So there you have it, if your unit is down to only the 3 command models you must remove
1 - Musician
2 - Standard Bearer
3 - Champion

In that explicit order.

This is rarely an ideal removal order as you could keep the muso if you thought you might still tie or the Standard Bearer for that +1 CR. But we must play by the rules.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rules of the Day - Template Hits

First off - Sorry I missed yesterday folks. I was at the Ardboyz Round 1 tourney in Springfield, IL which ran most of the day for me and when I got him I was just exhausted.

I did manage to win all 3 of my games and come in first and bring home a box of corsairs and flagellants both for the DE army I will be building next.

Rule of the Day 04/17/2011 - Template Hits

This one isn't a rule so much but some diagrams I worked up re: Template hits.

# of Hits
20mm Unit - 5 x 5 - 21 models
40mm Unit - 3 x 3 - 9 models
20mm Unit - 5x5 - with 25x50 Char - 18 20mm + Char.

25mm unit - 5 x 5 - 15 Models
25 x 50mm Unit - 7 x 2 - 8 Models

# of Hits

20mm Unit - 7 x 7 - 45 models
40mm Unit - 4 x 4 - 15 models
20mm Unit - 7 x 7 - with 25x50 Char - 38-39 20mm + Char.

25mm unit - 6 x 6 - 30 Models
25 x 50mm Unit - 6 x 3 - 18 Models

I have tested these using the 3 templates I got from the Island of Blood plus a sheet from a GW customizable movement tray (20mm on 1 side, 25mm on the other). They are 99.5% accurate using that sheet as a 'template' under the template (if that makes any sense at all). There are a couple of close calls on the 20mm which might result in 1 less and I would be fine to default to 1 less on those personally.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Rule of the Day - Characteristics & You

Rule of the day 04/15/2011

Because I NEVER remember the rule on Characteristics tests I thought it was time it became a rule of the day.

pg. 10

To make a characteristic test, roll a D6 and compare the score to the relevant characteristic in the model's profile. If the score is equal to or less than the number in the profile, the test is passed with no ill effect. If the score is greater than the number in the model's profile, the test has been failed, and something nasty will occur, as detailed in the rule that called for the test. (*no kidding*)

When a model (or a unit) has more than one value for the same characteristic, as is the case with cavalry, for example, a characteristic test is always taken against the highest of the values.

6 on a D6 = Auto Fail
1 on aD6 = Auto Pass

Characteristic = 0 then Auto Fail

Hopefully this will help me remember, if not, I'll just get McClure to take a life wizard and start casting Dwellers on me more often.

Less than or equal to, to pass a Characteristic test.

Another important rule to remember is that characteristics go from 0 - 10. Never higher, never lower. pg 3 (I've had this come up with Time warp, extra attacks, etc...)

Happy Gaming!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rule of the Day - 1" Apart

Rule of the Day 04/14/2011

Hello everyone!

Today's RotD comes from Jake Murhpy from IWFB
and also an indirect nod to Erik Lindley & Tom McClure from Brohammer as they discussed it in an Episode of Brohammer (Episode 1 I believe).

pg 13

Whilst moving, a unit is not allowed to approach closer than 1" to another unit, friend or foe, or impassible terrain.

You'll notice that this rule does not apply to the charge moves discussed later. This is quite sensible, as the whole point of charging is to get a unit into base contact with an enemy. Occasionally, a unit will have approached within 1" of a unit it did not charge as the result of moving into contact with a unit it did charge. This is perfectly acceptable, although players may wish to nudge the units further apart to maintain a suitable degree of clarity.

1. Friendly units have to stay 1" apart. This rule is probably broken (unintentionally) more than any other rule in the game of Warhammer. Even if you put your units 1" apart, if they are parallel to each other, the minute you wheel one of those units you have an issue (unless of course you moved forward FIRST, getting more than 1" away). Lots of folks don't hold their opponents to these rules. I choose to hold myself to them and will encourage others to do the same.

2. This rule is disregarded when charging.

3. You have to stay 1" away from Impassible Terrain (which includes buildings). Assaulting or Garrisoning a building being exceptions to this rule also.

Hope this helps you get your game on!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rule of the Day - Standard Bearers

Rule of the Day 04/13/2011

Apologies for being so late today delivering the RotD! Busy Day!

Lots to talk about here, so some paraphrasing is in order. (*and the assumption made that readers understand a standard has to actually be in combat to give the bonuses)

B.S.B. = Battle Standard Bearer

Standard Bearers
pg. 95
If your unit includes a Standard bearer it receives +1 Combat Result, (pg. 54 also)
(this is limited to a maximum bonus of +1 per combat - pg 94)

The standard bearer cannot normally be removed as a casualty unless only he and the champion (if there is one) remain in the unit. ....... Another rank and file warrior is still assumed to pick up the banner. If the only other remaining model in the unit is the champion, the standard bearer must be removed as a casualty before him.

** Your unit standard can neither be killed, nor removed unless the only other model is a champ. If that is the case the standard HAS to be removed.

Last Stand
If a unit breaks from combat, the standard bearer is slain immediately - remove the model. His place must be taken by a rank-and-file model from the rear rank of the unit, if there is one available.

**Standards die when units break! This is an exception to the above statements. No need to worry about 'capturing' standards now unless a non-standard scenario calls for it. VP are awarded for standards being killed by the book. (Seized Standards pg 143)

pg. 107 (BSB)
A B.S.B. gives +1 to a Combat Result which DOES Stack with a normal standard (pg 54)

To represent the battle standard's steadying presence, friendly models within 12" to re-roll failed Leadership tests of any kind, including Panic tests, Break tests, Fear tests, Rally tests and so on.

As with other standard bearers, the battle standard bearer is automatically killed if he flees from combat - he dies on his feet, defending the precious standard to his last breath.

** If you can't kill his BSB break the unit which will kill the BSB anyways!

The moral of the story here - put Standards in your units! They are also great for the Blood & Glory scenario (though standards in week units can work against you)

Hope this helps! Game on!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rule of the Day - Rally

Rule of the Day 04/12/2011

Another rule that was highlighted as a big change in my Friday night learning game with McClure & Caius.

pg 24
Rally Fleeing Troops is now in the Compulsory Moves phase instead of in the middle of the charge / declare / move chargers phase like it was in 7th.

Compulsory Phase Rundown
1. Rally Fleeing Troops
2. Move Fleeing Troops (that didn't rally)
3. Other Compulsory Moves

Feel free to email suggestions to


Monday, April 11, 2011

Rule of the Day - Ranks for Steadfast

Rule of the Day 04/11/2011

Suggested by Sandals @ The Ogre Stronghold
and Jim Emerick - T.O. for The Midwest Rampage

pg 54 + Current BRB FAQ
If a defeated unit has more ranks than its enemy, it takes its Break test without applying the difference in the combat result scores.

Simply put, a unit is considered to be steadfast if it has more ranks than its enemy. As with calculating extra ranks for the purposes of combat resolution, the ranks have to be five or more models wide for the unit to be treated as being steadfast.

*skipping flavor text*

It should be noted that a unit does not lose its steadfast status for being disrupted. A flank charge might be able to disrupt a unit, but it can't prevent the warriors in that unit realising they outnumber the foe.

Important notes
Unlike calculating extra ranks, there is no exception stated for ranks after the fighting rank. (pg 52)
In game terms this means - A unit of 15 archers deployed in a line is charged in the front by a dragonrider. The dragonrider causes 7 wounds, the archers none. The unit is now 8 models vs. the dragonrider. Because there is 1 rank (the fighting rank IS still a rank and there is NO exception for steadfast) the unit will be steadfast vs. the dragonrider.

Disrupted Units still count ranks for Steadfast.
Big tarpit units can take flank / rear charges and still be steadfast allowing you to get units into the flank / rear of that enemy.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rule of the Day - Scout Deployment

Rule of the Day 04/10/2011

First off, apologies re: the previous rule of the day. There were quite a few errors made but this is what I get for posting after a long day at 2:30 AM. Just as with any rule, we all get things wrong occasionally.

Suggested by Wildcard from The Ogre Stronghold

pg 79

Scouts are set up after all other non-Scout units from both armies have been deployed. They can be set up either in their controlling player's deployment zone, or anywhere on the battlefield more than 12" away from the enemy. If deployed in this second way, Scout cannot declare a charge in the first turn if their side goes first.

If both players' armies contain Scouts, players should roll off. The players then alternate deploying their scouting units one at a time, starting with the player who won the roll-off.

Wildcard also pointed out a neat tactic with this rule - When you deploy scouts in your deployment zone, there is no 12" away restriction. This is important if both sides have scouts. Your enemy puts his scouts in your Deployment Zone and then you can counter-deploy and be 1" away. The enemy also CAN'T charge you turn 1 if he goes first after deploying this way further increasing your scouts survivability.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rule of the Day - Non Pivoting Chariots

Rule of the Day 04/09/2011

Tom McClure & I were teaching our great friend Caius the ins & outs of 8th edition tonight. Back in 6th edition, Caius played this mean goblin wolfrider army with lots of chariots. The new book/rules are making that very real to field again so he wanted to take some units and the new rules for a test drive.

I was very interested to notice a missing rule (from previous editions) and new it to be the next Rule of the Day.

pg 86 - There is no longer a special movement rule under the unit type Chariots to allow them to pivot instead of wheeling.

I expect it will become even more prevalent with goblin chariots now being able to take units of 1-3 and even more so once the Tomb Kings army book lands.

**EDIT - I did some more digging and found it - pg 27 allows a LONE chariot to pivot, just not a unit of chariots.

pg 27 - The one exception is that a single model can pivot on the spot as many times as it wishes over the course of its move.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Rule of the Day - Frenzied Units & Buildings

Rule of the Day 04/08/2011

pg 126 - under Abandoning Buildings

A unit that is Frenzied, or is otherwise forced to charge, still cannot do so if it is in a building - it must instead exit the building as close as possible to the enemy instead of charging.

Bait a frenzied unit in a building to get em the Frak out. Great for late turns in a Watchtower Scenario.

Suggested by Tipsword from


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rule of the Day - Accepting a Challenge

Rule of the Day 04/07/2011

pg 102
If your opponent has issued a challenge, you can now accept it with one of your characters or champions whose unit is in base contact with the unit containing the issuer of the challenge. Note that a character does not have to be in base contact with an enemy to accept or issue a challenge, just part of a unit that is. The two models will now fight, as described in Fighting a Challenge, below.

Related FAQ
Q: After accepting a challenge must the challenged model always
move into base contact with the enemy model that issued the
challenge? (p102)
A: If the challenged model is on his own then he must move
into base contact. If the challenged model is in a unit he must
move as long as it does not require leaving his unit. Where it is
not possible for base contact to be made then leave the models
where they are and simply assume that the two models are in
base contact.

Two big changes from 7th edition
1 - You don't have to be in a fighting rank to accept (or issue) challenges any longer. Anyone can accept.
2 - The accepter has to move, not the issuer (as long as he doesn't have to leave his unit)

Ultimately I just intended this to be about the change to who can accept as it a big change from 6th / 7th.

But the accepter moving has to be discussed.

Per the letter of the FAQ - the accepter has to move into B2B if he is on his own. So a dragonrider charges the rear of a ranked unit. If the dragonrider issues, the champ moves to him. If the dragonrider Fails to issue a challenge and the champ does then the dragonrider moves to the champ. Bye Bye Rear Charge Bonus. Be prepared for this in your games.

Lots of "Spirit of the Game" issues here but that is the current literal reading of the rules.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rule of the Day - Chars. on Flying Beasts in Units

Rule of the Day 04/06/2011

This is not directly a written rule but rather a change from 7th edition, though I think it is an important one.

pg. 70 - Fly
Pg. 83 - Monstrous Cavalry
Pg. 85 - Monstrous Beasts
pg. 97 - Characters

The above pages contain all of the rules needed to understand this change.

In 7th edition, there was a rule that characters could never join units while mounted on a flying creature.

There are lots of rules now dictating what units a character can & can't join, but being on a flying monstrous beast is no longer one of them.
Can't Join Monsters
Can't join Flying Units
Can't Join Chariot Units
Can't join Swarms
Can't Join War Machines
Can't Join units when riding a monster or if he is a monster

Who benefit from this? Elves that can ride great eagles and Dark Pegasi. Humans can ride pegasi so could also benefit. Lizards that can ride terradons.

I think that covers it. Full Credit where credit is due here - I didn't realize this change until I read a battle report on TheWarhammerForum by Ben Curry from the Bad Dice Podcast where he used this tactic.

He put the unkillable DE Lord on a Dark Peg in a unit of Spears, also with the crown of command. This guy was able to charge out and basically lock down any unit with Stubborn 10 (likely re-rollable) or kill mages / war machines, etc... Lots of utility here. He doesn't get a Look out Sir, but you actually would prefer enemies shoot him instead of the unit (given his un-killablyness).

This is probably the single best of this unit as the magic items available make the elf hard (if not impossible) to kill. But don't let that stop you from trying it!

Just another tool to consider when building your list.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rule of the Day - Flaming + Magic Weapons

Rule of the Day 04/05/2011

pg 69 BRB - Flaming Attacks

Unless otherwise stated, a model with this special rule has both Flaming shooting and close combat attacks (though any spells cast by the model are unaffected, as are any attacks made with magic weapons they might be wielding).

In short, the only way that attacks from magical weapons will be flaming is if the weapon has the Flaming rule itself.

That character with the Fencers Blades in a unit with the Banner of Eternal Flame will not count as having Flaming Attacks.

Tactical Uses - Only a few I can think of though there are likely others...
Put a Char. in a unit with the Flaming Banner across from Dragon Princes. Dragon Princes charge think they can't be hurt and the character proceeds to whoop up on them. This also works vs. Characters with the Dragonhelm or Dragonbane gem.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Rule of the Day - Flaming Attacks & Regen

As I'm working my way through understanding 8th edition I am going to start a new post series - Rule of the Day.

For me, the best way to learn the new ruleset (& I mean really learn it - enough to be a competent rules judge for a tourney) is to ;
a) Play lots of games
b) Answer Rules questions online using the BRB
*typing out the answers really helps them stick for me

The plan is for these to typically be more obscure rules but I truly expect all kinds. Most of these will likely come up from either games or online rules questions.

Rule of the Day 04/04/2011
pg 74 BRB
Wounds caused by Flaming Attacks cannot be regenerated, and if a unit is wounded by a Flaming Attack it loses the Regeneration rule for the remainder of the phase (it can be used later in the turn, though - it just takes a short time for Regeneration to overcome the flames).

Tactical Use - Always use Flaming attacks first vs. Regenerating units when applicable. (Thank you Mr. Obvious)

With Lizards this gives me 2 main tactics.
1) Sallie Fire on a Hydra / Abom / Trolls / etc. followed up by Chameleon Skinks. Removal of Regen lets the Cham. Skinks poison work its magic.

2) Saurus hero with Burning Blade in a unit of Saurus. Saurus hero goes first (due to I) and the remaining saurus unit attacks also ignore Regen. NICE!