Friday, September 2, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome, The Magnificent Bastards

The song has been sung.  The call has been heard.

My blog is moving.  I've joined forces with 6 other like minds from the midwest hobby pool to bring you a super blog!  (*Or, we're a bunch of lazy{efficient!} bastards and the few of us that do post will carry{inspire!} the others with them!!!)

The Magnificent Bastards is the name chosen, and it was our team name chosen back for the last Hillbilly (named the Battle on Beale) in Memphis, in TN in 2008.

"The Rodge" of pointhammered fame is the brain child of it all and one of the bastards.

Click here to learn more.

Come on over, we are enthusiastic and should have LOTS of content - in a few days I will redirect this blog automatically over there.

Thanks for following me and my ramblings.  I will bring more and more in the future!