Monday, January 26, 2009

Ogre Bulls Done

Last of my ogres assembled. A few more embellishments will be added to the hammers but I gotta
get some more bitz. I am also going to go back and add more details to the other ogres bases as I did
on these as I will be hand painting a cobblestone pattern on each base.

Putty work next and then on to painting.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Slow & Steady wins the Race

Got some more work done tonight. I reposed the guy as I discussed with some folks and made him a new weapon as well (with a ton of advice from Dave Taylor - Thanks Dave!). Clearly I have alot of GS work to do now but I really am a lot more satisfied with both the new pose and the new weapon.

I also did some work on my bangstick butcher. The hands are just "tacked" on at the moment as I have to sculpt an apron for this chap before I glue em on.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Finished the gorger (putty work still required), though I will likely remove the barrel. I will have to do something in its place as its serving as a counter-balance since this guy is so front heavy.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Irongut WIPS

Still got some more work I wanna do to these boys, but you get the idea...

After the gnoblars these Ironguts seem pathetic from a theme standpoint so I am least gonna give 2 of em Sigmar Hammer Heads and then make more changes from there.

The middle guy in the first group is gonna get a hammer repose - just not sure what yet.

Gnoblars Done!

Outside of a Luck Gnoblar and any markers / game aids my gnoblars are done!!

First an update to one I've shown. I always planned for his sign to say Cave Gnoblar ("Beware the Gnoblar") but I was getting ready to remove the chain from his left fist (he comes attached to skrag) and thought how much
more fun it would be if he was chained to the sign.

The four new trappers. (Cager, Bear Trap Tripped, Flagello-Climber and Fisherman)

And a Group shot - I didn't want to use the metal models cus I'm just cheap and new I could get good results from the plastics. Instead of going out of my way to make my gnoblars busy "trapping" (I do have 1 guy "trapping a rat" and a "Fisherman") I tried to make more of them being "trapped". It just seemed more fun. Click the piccie for a bigger view.

Gnoblars Attack!

I'm in the midst of assembling & converting 1000 pts. of Ogre Kingdoms models for the Adepticon Team Tourney. I will be chronicling most of this in "Road to Adepticon" articles but thought I would post a pic here as well (since nobody really looks here - I can use it to share with a few close friends).

20 Gnoblar Fighters - The "metal guy" in the center will be statue of a champion of Sigmar. My gnoblars also happen to be sigmar fanatics (Empire + OK for TT).

The first 4 of 8 Gnoblar Trappers. I am thinking I will add a few more bits to the sign and when done it should say something like Cave Gnoblar!

The sheer amount of time I've spent creating these insignifant (in game terms anyway) models is insane. Each gnoblar fighter has at least 1, if not 2 Empire Flagellant weapons added. Each weapon had to be pinned on and in some cases a 2 handed weapon had to be cut down and turned into a 1 handed weapon AND THEN pinned on. All that work paid off I think in the end and I'm glad I put the time in.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

2008 in Review

My big points of 2008.

I painted 9 WE miniatures for WFB (for the Midwest Rampage), some pirates and a creepy pumpkin skeleton. Low hobby output this past year for me.

Lots of tournies and awards this past year - That was very nice!
Also lots of top finishes
Northstar Tourney - 2nd Overall
*I tied for first but got beat out by BP in the end - The TO says I lost cuz I had no standards which cost me 1 point in a scenario.

Midwest Rampage - 2nd Overall
Players Choice - Adepticon Championships (45th overall - uggh)
Best Overall - May 17 CCGS RTT
Best Appearance - The Hillbilly (3rd overall)
Best Appearance - Gaska Invitational (2nd Overall)
Best Appearance - Rockcon (2nd Overall)
Best Appearance - December CCGS RTT (2nd Overall)

I probably left something out but it escapes me.

I played very few non-tourney games this past year.

I only played WE this past year and won far more games than I lost (though I did lose a few - single digits though! and a couple of draws).

My WFB-related goals for 2009
Convert and paint 1k Ogres for Adepticon
Convert and paint 2250 Dark Elves for late 09 / 10
Focus some serious attention on a few single minis for painting
competitions (Acon & Golden Demons)
Play more & play more people
Add "whatever is necessary" to my existing lizzie forces to make a
fun list to work with while I build and paint DE.
Win Best Overall at a GT(*doubtful with anything but WE, but ya gots to have goals)
Play the WE less frequently - I'm ready for something new!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monochrome Mini

This is a mini I painted for a monochrome painting challenge.

3 Paint Pots were used to create this mini;
VMC White + VMC Black + VMC Chocolate Brown

It was fun to paint and a great learning experience. I ended up sending this mini away as part of a miniature exchange.


Painting up some Pirates for Legends of the High Seas to a decent standard. I have 2 mostly done and hope to put some new ones up soon.

Reaper Pumpkinhead

I painted this mini to be used in 2 simultaneous online painting competitions. It won in the warhammer forums " Painting Challenge Geheimnisnacht".

It took second place in the Reaper Miniatures Halloween painting contest netting me a $50 gift certificate from reaper and my pic in their gallery!

It was my first adventure using any blood effects and I will be trying more soon!

Glade of Woe

Thought I would add pics of my WE army.

Every pumpkin in the army is sculpted from Greenstuff. The trees are all purchased - Metal Woodland Scenics trees
for the dryads/BW and resin trees for the rest. 90% of the army has some greenstuff work with most of the figs modeled to be "Emerging" from a tree.