Friday, January 9, 2009

Gnoblars Attack!

I'm in the midst of assembling & converting 1000 pts. of Ogre Kingdoms models for the Adepticon Team Tourney. I will be chronicling most of this in "Road to Adepticon" articles but thought I would post a pic here as well (since nobody really looks here - I can use it to share with a few close friends).

20 Gnoblar Fighters - The "metal guy" in the center will be statue of a champion of Sigmar. My gnoblars also happen to be sigmar fanatics (Empire + OK for TT).

The first 4 of 8 Gnoblar Trappers. I am thinking I will add a few more bits to the sign and when done it should say something like Cave Gnoblar!

The sheer amount of time I've spent creating these insignifant (in game terms anyway) models is insane. Each gnoblar fighter has at least 1, if not 2 Empire Flagellant weapons added. Each weapon had to be pinned on and in some cases a 2 handed weapon had to be cut down and turned into a 1 handed weapon AND THEN pinned on. All that work paid off I think in the end and I'm glad I put the time in.


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jenjock1 said...

what the fuck is a gnoblar? stop making up words.
love you!