Friday, January 9, 2009

Gnoblars Done!

Outside of a Luck Gnoblar and any markers / game aids my gnoblars are done!!

First an update to one I've shown. I always planned for his sign to say Cave Gnoblar ("Beware the Gnoblar") but I was getting ready to remove the chain from his left fist (he comes attached to skrag) and thought how much
more fun it would be if he was chained to the sign.

The four new trappers. (Cager, Bear Trap Tripped, Flagello-Climber and Fisherman)

And a Group shot - I didn't want to use the metal models cus I'm just cheap and new I could get good results from the plastics. Instead of going out of my way to make my gnoblars busy "trapping" (I do have 1 guy "trapping a rat" and a "Fisherman") I tried to make more of them being "trapped". It just seemed more fun. Click the piccie for a bigger view.

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