Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My Pride & Joy

Without a doubt, Sean is the greatest accomplishment of my lifetime to date.

Nothing can compare to the absolute joy this little boy brings to my life.

Whatever his passions are in life, I hope to fuel those and see them thrive.

I hope my brother and sister fuel his mind and imagination with their creative, abstract energies.

I hope my wife instills in him the great caring and compassion she has for others. He has definitely received her beauty and those eyes.

I feel a deep-seated need to protect him from harm. I worry about protecting him so much that he becomes sheltered, and lives a life not of his choosing.

I can't wait to spend the years watching him grow into a young boy and then a man.

Until then, I will enjoy the moments I can and grab all the "Smooches" that I can.


The Cure For Lycanthropy said...

Nice. Go read my post. It wouldn't fit here.

Jen said...

He is pretty damn fantastic, huh?

So sweet. You're boy, and you. And I'll be sure to yell at you if I think you're sheltering the boy. not that it'd do me any good, but I'd do it. Love all of ya!!!!!!!!!!!