Friday, October 7, 2005

Sweating & Banging

This may not be what you think based on the title. :-)

Felt the weight of my age again this week. Monday night I got a last minute ticket to go see Weezer & the Foo Fighters in Champaign on Tuesday night.

I went.

The show ROCKED! Dave Grohl (sp?) is an incredible performer.

Had a great time, sweated my butt off & danced/head banged like a fool.

Got home @ 2:00 AM. Back up the next day @ 6:45 and back to work ..


My neck hurt and I have been off-kilter all week from the lack of sleep.

I did get to see Weezer play all of my favorite tunes (Even if They just stood there)
especially "Say it aint So", "Holiday", "Hashpipe"

Foo Fighters Did all of my favs of theirs as well
"Everlong", "This is a Call", "MonkeyWrench", "Best of You"

A very good show & I dont regret going at all.

I just wish I didnt have to ache like an old man for a week because of it.


1 comment:

Jen said...

OH SHIT I AM JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAGGGHHH!! Who'd you go with?????? You are so lucky big brother, so lucky.