Monday, February 2, 2009

Nearly time for painting

Time for a big update - just a very few minor details to work out now before I start painting...

Finished my Bruiser - Not alot of conversion work here. Added the horns and the back banner. I still have to add
rivets to the "bands" holding the banner to his back and GS where the pole meets his booty.

The finished Butcher (I may add a bit or two to the bangstick yet - but mostly finished)
In Hindsight I would do the chains on his back (notably the ones on the right side as you look at it) a bit differently. I may still go back and re-work but for now I need to push forward.

The final Irongut whose weapon I was still working out how to do right...

The finished Ogre Bulls with Hammers

And the mostly finished army

I need to finish the armor plates on the Irongut with the big hammer where I hacked the arm away. So far I have replaced a foundation of the arm with Greenstuff and will cover it all with plates rather than try to get the arm up to speed. I also have to "encase" the back of his Ironfist flipping the bird.

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