Thursday, May 5, 2011

Twitter and Gaming

Inspired by Rhellion's Tabletop I too will call for more gamers to head to twitter to build a better Twitter wargamer community.

When I first heard of Twitter I thought it was crazy and who in their right mind would do such things. It's kind of neat though to chat with gamers worldwide if you have a question about a unit, rule, lingo, etc... Most of the popular podcasters are regulars there as well.

I know I post the Rules of the Day there, any mini progress I happen to make, random smart-ass comments and other general musings. I do follow a few of my favorite celebrities as well (Tosh.0 is hilarious) for the humor aspect.

Here is a list of my favorite Twitter posters you should definitely follow:
@ginger_buddha - This is me! My buddy Joe Rogers from Pointhammered coined this nickname for me after 20 years of being Domus. Nicknames are fun!

@Rhellion - A very active hardcore gamer. This guy is a huge part of the reason I stuck with Twitter as his posts from Adepticon were just flat awesome. Helped me feel like I was there.

@Heelanhammer - Dan Heelan, major Twitter poster from the Heelanhammer podcast
@Baddice_podcast - Ben Curry and Ben Johnson of Bad Dice
@Garagehammer - The Garage Hammer podcast
@Voxcaster - Games Workshop on Twitter
@FBroundup - Fantasy Battle Roundup, great blog and regular Twitter poster
@bluntforcegamer - another great Twitter poster, blogger, and podcaster
@Brohammer_Cast - Erik Lindley from Brohammer Cast (Tom McClure posts here sometimes also)
@tom_mcclure - a great friend and gamer
@the_xenite - Another good friend and a guy now providing sculpting tips via Twitter

If you sign up just look to see who I am following and you will get an endless stream of gamer goodness!


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Mike Sweetman said...

Thanks for the shout out Dom...I'm finally getting caught up on my blog reading and podcast listening! The new edition to the family has been a lot of work :-)